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Private lessons are the ultimate, personalized experience for all ages and abilities. Ski the terrain of your choice, focusing on technique you wish to improve!

Whether you are a beginner keen to try a new sport, a seasoned skier/boarder looking to fine tune your skills or someone wanting to ride with the best in the business, we have the perfect instructor/coach for you. In a private lesson, you will enjoy the exclusive attention of your instructor who will develop your strengths and focus on improving your skills.

NBS offers a certified instructor for 1 to 7 hours to help you reach your personal snowsports goals.

We recommend you book in advance for private lessons, especially if you want to request a specific instructor.

What to expect
  • Learn, explore and have fun your way.
  • Enjoy tailored lessons that best suit your individual skill levels and styles.
  • Explore the mountain with your personal instructor.
  • Receive individualized and constructive feedback about your riding.
Please note
  • Lessons do not include a lift pass.
  • Lesson price indicates the cost of up to 5 students.
  • Lesson cannot be mixed between skiers and snowboarders.
  • We recommend that students participating in a private lesson together be similar age and ability.
  • Participants must have a suitable snow/skiing travel insurance.



Start TimesRemarksRate*Spring**
1hr Private8:30
¥ 20,000¥ 16,000
2hr Private8:30
¥ 33,000¥ 26,400
3hr Private9:30 (n/a peak periods***)
¥ 50,000¥ 40,000
4hr Private8:30
¥ 65,000¥ 52,000
6hr Private8:30
6hrs tuition
plus one hour break
¥ 85,000¥ 68,000
All Day FLEXI PrivateAnytime from 8:30 - 12:30Up to 7hrs tuition
plus one hour break
¥ 95,000¥76,000
Super Saver8:30
5x 2hr Private
Same Time
Consecutive days only
¥ 132,000¥ 105,600
Super Saver9:30 (n/a peak periods***)
5x 3hr Private
Same Time
Consecutive days only
¥ 200,000¥ 160,000
4PM Super Saver16:005x 2hr Private
Same Time
Consecutive days only
¥ 105,000N/A
Toddler Tester8:30
1 hour Private Lesson Includes rental equipment
4 years old and under only
¥ 21,000¥ 15,400

*Prices include up to 5 people.
**Spring dates start from 01 March 2024
***Peak Dates: 14 Dec 2023 - 07 Jan 2024 and 9th to 18th Feb 2024

Why choose a private lesson? What can I expect?

One-on-one tuition can be greatly beneficial to your skiing or riding proficiency. Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier or rider, a private lesson allows participants to learn at their own pace, in a stress-free environment. To get the most from your lesson, we recommend forming a clear idea of what you would like to achieve; setting and discussing goals with your instructor enables us to develop a lesson plan tailored to your specific needs.

Is a private lesson for skiers and snowboarders of all levels?

Private lessons can be equally beneficial for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Beginners will find that the increased practice time and feedback level will help get them off to a flying start. More advanced skiers and riders may wish to take the opportunity to work on specific points of technique; hone your powder or mogul skiing finesse, or gain some new freestyle or park skills.

Can I request a certain instructor?

Yes! At NBS, our goal is to team you up with the best instructor for you. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend booking in advance with any specific requests.

I would like to request an instructor from last year, but I don’t remember their name?

That’s ok! Come and see our friendly NBS front desk staff and we will do our best to identify them. Please note that such requests are dependent on availability and the return rate of instructors from year to year.

Where is the meeting place for a private lesson?

Private lessons meet in front of NBS headquarters at the ground level of the Alpen Ridge Building. Look for the NBS staff member in the orange jacket with the clip board to introduce you to your instructor and get you on your way!

Can I meet my instructor anywhere on the mountain?

Ordinarily we ask that you meet your instructor at the designated NBS meeting point. We can be flexible, however, if you have booked an all day private (6 hours).

Can I finish my Private lesson anywhere on the mountain?

Yes. Please let your instructor know at the start of the lesson where you plan to finish. Depending on your instructor’s commitments, you may have to finish a few minutes early to give them time to get back to the meeting area for their next lesson.

How many people can be in a private lesson?

Ordinarily, a private lesson is just for you and your instructor. However, if friends of a similar ability would like to join you, they can. Please note that private lesson numbers are capped at 5 people.

Can I take a private lesson with my child?

You can take a private lesson with your child although it isn’t what we recommend. Children tend to have very different learning styles from adults, requiring a different lesson structure and approach. Children and adults also progress at a different rate; complicating the instructor’s role and preventing participants from getting the full benefit of their lesson.

My friend and I are different abilities; can we take a private lesson together?

Yes, you can take a lesson together although it isn’t what we recommend. The stronger skier or snowboarder will find that the lesson will be geared towards the appropriate pace and terrain choices for the weaker participant.

Can I take a break during the lesson?

Yes, you can take a break at any point during your lesson. Please advise your instructor when you would like to go in and they can take you to one of their favourite spots around the mountain!


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